Jinju Academy is an English camp program custom made for the elementary students in the city of Jinju, Korea. This camp program is run by the government of the city of Jinju, allowing it be funded and supported by the active Mayor, Lee Chang Hui. The purpose of such a program is for the elementary students of Jinju to have an opportunity to travel and study for an authentic experience abroad under the supervision and care of government authority.

About Jinju Academy

For the young generation of tomorrow, the role of Jinju Academy is to provide the necessary tools for them to flourish and be the successful leaders of the future. Jinju Academy is passionate about paving the way and being the bridge between education and success. Exposure to global and cross cultural concepts immerse students into an experience that can be only be done to know. Children will understand and learn from the ever changing educational environment – strengthening their knowledge in the world.

Jinju Academy uses their customized educational materials as foundations for students to build upon, with the tools required and confidence instilled, Jinju Academy strives to help create goals and aspirations for achievement and make them a reality. As the saying goes, it takes a town to raise a child.

Jinju is proud to be and dedicated to remaining renowned as “the City of Education”

Culture Presentations for Government and Jinju

  • Group presentations by level and topic for final assignment

  • English presentation and performance of Korean culture

  • Public speaking, performing, and entertaining Korean topics in English

  • Seen by the government of Jinju and student parents

The mayor of Jinju and Global College formally signed an agreement for the English abroad program in front of the board of directors and committee of the government of Jinju. Since 2013 Global College has been proudly hosting and educating selected elementary students every summer and winter.